Travelling is an event that requires strict and efficient organization. In the organization process, your means of travel to the airport must be taken into account: bus, cab, carpooling or airport shuttles. Airport shuttles are one of the most popular and efficient ways to get to Marseille airport. Find out why.

What are airport shuttles ?

Airport shuttles have been created over the years by a number of companies to meet the needs of travelers who want to get to the airport more comfortably and quickly. You can access them by going to the marseille airport shuttle price page. What does this concept mean?

Airport shuttles : definition

Airport shuttles are fast, reliable means of travel. They are public transport vehicles that take passengers from a station, hotel or city center to the airport.

Airport shuttles can easily be confused with other forms of public transport, such as cabs or buses. But they are means of transport with specific characteristics. In fact, they have precise routes that make it easier to get around in less time. What’s more, they’re at your disposal to condition you to travel properly in good conditions.

Who provides airport shuttle services in Marseille ?

In Marseille, you can use airport shuttle services in several ways:

  • Marseille Provence Airport Shuttle: this is the most popular service in the Provence region of Marseille. It provides passengers with buses that transport them either from the Saint-Charles train station, hotels or city meeting points to the airport;
  • Private airport shuttle companies: unlike Navette Aéroport Marseille, these are private companies offering trips directly from your home to the airport. You can book your seat here in advance, and even share the trip with other travelers to reduce transportation costs;
  • Cab companies: cabs are one of the best airport shuttle options, much faster and more convenient than standard airport shuttles. But it’s a more expensive option than public transport;
  • Car-sharing: Uber and Lyft are car-sharing platforms that can be used for airport shuttles. They’re easy to use and as reliable a way to get around as private shuttles or cab companies.

There are several companies offering airport shuttle services in Marseille.

How does it work?

The Marseille airport shuttle service operates in a very simple way. If you need to fly to Marseille, you’ll have no trouble finding a seat on this type of service. There are basically two steps involved.


To access a fast, reliable means of transport that will get you to the airport on time, you need to make a reservation based on the time of your departure flight. But first, you need to find the airport shuttle service that’s right for you, either by searching on the Internet or by asking at the airport.

You can then make your reservation directly online or by phone. Then make your payment and follow the agency’s instructions. This will help you avoid long waits.

Taking charge of the airport shuttle service

Once you’ve contacted the airport shuttle service and reserved your seat, it will pick you up and take you to the airport in less than a quarter of an hour. A key advantage of this service is that when you book your airport shuttle, it will take you to and from the airport.

What are the advantages of airport shuttle services ?

Airport shuttles offer a number of advantages:

Affordable fares

Airport shuttles offer customers an efficient, fast and comfortable service at a very competitive cost. If you had to take a cab or bus directly to the airport, it would have cost you more money.

Accessible and convenient for all travelers

Airport shuttles are generally vehicles designed to accommodate a large amount of luggage, and also offer access for people with reduced mobility. So, if you have special needs, the company you choose will take care of putting you in the right conditions for a smooth journey.

Comfortable for passengers

Airport shuttles generally provide passengers with the greatest possible comfort. The vehicles are spacious enough to accommodate all their luggage. What’s more, the seats are very comfortable, and you can even take advantage of air conditioning and free internet access inside the vehicle.


Airport shuttle services not only make your journey as comfortable as possible, they also ensure your safety. What’s more, it lets you know what security measures are in place at your parking lot.

Tips for travelling with an airport shuttle

  • To take advantage of an airport shuttle service efficiently, you need to choose the right company for your trip. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your trip.
  • Plan your trip: airport shuttles operate according to precise schedules. You’ll need to find out about this to organize your trip so that you don’t catch your flight late. This will enable you to know exactly when to leave the house;
  • Make a reservation: this is an important tip that will save you an enormous amount of time on your journey to Marseille airport. It can happen that the airport shuttle you’re waiting for is late or already completely full by the time you need to get to the airport. With a reservation, you can quickly overcome this problem;
  • Be punctual: airport shuttles generally run to a specific timetable. If you have to catch your shuttle at 9 a.m., we recommend that you arrive at least 30 to 15 minutes before the bus arrives. This way, you avoid missing your bus and wasting the time of other shuttle passengers;
  • Allow extra time on your journey: during your journey, you need to consider certain unforeseen events such as traffic jams or vehicle breakdowns. These are unfortunate situations that can force you to miss your bus. Don’t hesitate to book your airport shuttle according to your point of departure, with at least an extra hour.