Located in the commune of Meythet, Haute-Savoie, Annecy airfield is the hub of business and leisure aviation in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Through Avialpes, a dynamic company based on the site, it offers a wide range of aeronautical services. From sightseeing flights to introductory flights and pilot training courses, Avialpes offers a wide range of services, providing aircraft enthusiasts with a unique and unforgettable flying experience. Let’s discover Annecy and Avialpes aerodrome together.

History of Annecy aerodrome

Considered the hub of aviation in its region, Annecy airport was founded in 1930. Having started out with the bare minimum, the young airport continued to develop over the years.

In 1945, new infrastructure was added, including a runway and numerous barracks. Built by the U.S. Army, these facilities were designed to facilitate the rotation of warplanes.

January 1964 marked Annecy’s debut in the world of civil aviation. In 1972, the airport was equipped with a new runway, especially the 1,260 x 3 hard-surfaced runway.

For many years, the flying club served Paris’s Orly airport, with Annecy’s leading businessmen as its main passengers. In 2007, it became the property of the Haute-Savoie département, which gave it the name Aéroport d’Annecy Mont-Blanc. Since January 2022, it has been managed by airport operator Vinci.

Annecy aerodrome, an indispensable infrastructure with unique experience

Annecy aerodrome is of great importance to Haute-Savoie and the whole Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It offers great air connections with other French cities and regions. The region welcomes tourists from all over the world. Local residents, meanwhile, can easily get out and discover new horizons.

The airfield boasts modern facilities and infrastructure, making the user experience exceptional. With its beautiful scenery, travelers enjoy every minute they spend at the airfield. It’s also worth noting that Vinci implements numerous projects to improve both infrastructure and the environment.

Avialpes : A full-service aviation company at Annecy Airport

The Annecy airfield is home to an aviation company called Avialpes Annecy, which offers a wide range of services. These include

First flight

Baptism of the air is a service that consists of a sightseeing flight in Haute-Savoie. Aboard one of our aircraft, tourists can visit the entire region in just a few hours. Flying over Lake Annecy, discovering Col de la Forclaz or Mont Veyrier, etc. is an exceptional experience.

The flight simulator

Avialpes offers a flight simulation service for aviation enthusiasts. The company’s aim is to give these enthusiasts their first taste of flying. In other words, they can fly a plane. With the help of a flight simulator and under the supervision of a pilot instructor, the task is simple.

Aircraft repair

In addition to the first flight and the flight simulator, Avialpes offers aircraft repair and maintenance services. We have an approved workshop specialized in aeronautical maintenance, which takes care of this service. Whether it’s scheduled VP50H visits, repair work or ground support services.

Aircraft rental

With Avialpes, individuals or companies can rent aircraft for private or business flights. The company has a wide range of aircraft to suit both business and personal needs. Hourly rates range from 89 to 479 euros.

Alternatively, anyone with flying experience can easily get the green light from the company and take command of one of its machines. This is of course preceded by a duly passed test.

The advantages of choosing Avialpes

Choosing Avialpes offers many advantages. The expertise and professionalism of the company’s team is one of its strong points. Made up of professionals and enthusiasts, the team is highly satisfied with its customers. The many testimonials we’ve received are undeniable proof of this.

In short, Annecy airport is a benchmark in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It has made a name for itself in the aviation industry thanks to its infrastructure, its environment and Avialpes. Avialpes offers its expertise and a wide range of services. Would you like to explore the world of aviation with Avialpes? Visit the Annecy-Mont Blanc airport portal.