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Getting to Annecy Airport

The Annecy Airport is located in the town of Metz-Tessy a little over four miles northwest of the centre of Annecy. The Airport is very close to the A41 Autoroute. You can use either exits 16 (Annecy Sud) or 17 (Annecy Nord). Once you exit the Autoroute just follow the signs marked Aéroport.

The address of the Annecy Airport can be found here.

If you are trying to get to the airport but not using the Autoroute, the best thing to do is head to the centre of Annecy and then once you see a sign for the airport follow it. The airport is well marked from the centre of Annecy.

There is public transportation through bus service from the airport to the centre of Annecy. The bus line is number 10 and it stops in front of the airport on main road that runs pass. There is also a taxi rank at the airport.

Please note that Annecy is next to a town named Annecy-le-vieux. They are not the same city but they border each other.

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